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释义 DEFINITIVE EXAMPLES 权威例句〔ASK〕According to the polls, a huge majority of citizens oppose bilingual education. 民意调查显示,大部分公民反对双语教学。朗文写作活用〔Guinevere〕The wife of King Arthur and lover of Lancelot according to Arthurian legend.格温娜维尔:亚瑟王传说中亚瑟王的妻子和兰斯洛特的情人美国传统〔LISTEN〕According to the survey, two-thirds of young people do not follow politics and pay no attention to election campaigns. 根据这次调查,2/3的年轻人不关心政治,也不过问竞选活动。朗文写作活用〔MEANING〕According to my understanding of the letter, it means something quite different. 根据我对这封信的理解,它具有全然不同的含义。朗文写作活用〔OBVIOUS〕According to Reynolds, there has been a slight but perceptible change in public attitude lately. 根据雷诺兹的说法,最近民众的态度有微小但察觉得到的变化。朗文写作活用〔OLD〕According to the survey, many employers regard staff over the age of 45 as over the hill. 根据这次调查,许多雇主认为45岁以上的员工已老了不中用了。朗文写作活用〔RISK〕According to some scientists, global warming threatens the survival of the whole human race. 根据一些科学家的观点,全球性变暖威胁到了全人类的生存。朗文写作活用〔RUMOUR〕According to the high-school grapevine, Kelly wants me to ask her out on a date. 根据高中内流传的小道消息说,凯莉希望我约会她。朗文写作活用〔TIME〕The director was given a budget of $10 million and so far the film seems to be going according to schedule. 导演得到1,000万美元的预算;到目前为止影片似乎是按预定的进度在拍摄。朗文写作活用〔TRADITION〕According to folklore, King Arthur will one day return to become King of Britain. 根据民间传说,亚瑟王有一天会回来当英国国王。朗文写作活用〔according to〕According to Freud, our dreams represent our hidden desires.据弗洛伊德所说,我们的梦代表了我们潜在的欲望。麦克米伦高阶〔according to〕According to Sarah they're not getting on very well at the moment.据萨拉说,他们目前关系不是太好。剑桥高阶〔according to〕They must take their own decision according to their own legal advice.他们必须根据各自律师的意见自行决定。柯林斯高阶〔assorted〕Separated according to kind or class.根据种划分的,根据类划分的美国传统〔band〕Tax is banded according to income.赋税是按收入划分等级的。牛津高阶〔circumstance〕The amount paid will vary according to circumstances.所付数额视情况而定。牛津搭配〔classify〕The books in the library are classified according to subject.图书馆的书按学科分类。牛津高阶〔conscience〕Each person must vote according to his or her own conscience.每个人都应当按照自己的良心投票。麦克米伦高阶〔cry out〕According to the legend, she cried out that no storm was going to stop her from finishing her ride.据传, 她当时大声宣布, 即使有再大的暴风雨她也要骑到终点。外研社新世纪〔differential〕They pay differential rents according to their income.他们根据收入多少付级差房租。英汉大词典〔diplomatic〕According to diplomatic sources, elections there have been cancelled.外交官员麦克米伦高阶〔female〕According to the study, males scored about the same as females.根据这项研究,男性的得分与女性基本相等。韦氏高阶〔go off〕Everything went off according to plan.所有事情在按照计划进行。21世纪英汉〔grade〕The olive oil is graded according to quality.橄榄油按质量分级。外研社新世纪〔group together〕The paintings have been grouped together according to the style of different periods of the artist’s life.将该画家的作品根据他生活的不同时期进行了归类。21世纪英汉〔majority〕According to most opinion polls, he is set to win a clear majority.从大多数民意调查的结果来看,他很有可能以绝对多数票胜出。柯林斯高阶〔map〕According to the map, we need to head north-east.依照地图,我们需要向东北方向走。牛津搭配〔opportunist〕Voters dislike opportunists – politicians who change their policies according to opinion polls.选民不喜欢机会主义分子,即那些根据民意调查的结果来改变方针的政治家。朗文当代〔police〕According to the police report the thieves broke in around midnight.根据警方报告,窃贼大约在午夜时分破门而入。韦氏高阶〔prejudice〕We tend to make these kinds of decisions according to our own prejudices.我们倾向于依据自己的偏好做出这类决定。韦氏高阶〔proceed〕We will proceed according to plan.我们将按计划进行。韦氏高阶〔reckoning〕According to his reckoning, Blake already owed him nearly £550.按照他的估算, 布莱克已欠自己快550英镑了。外研社新世纪〔report〕According to report, they eloped.据说他们私奔了美国传统〔report〕According to reports, ten pupils were expelled.有传闻说,10名学生被开除了。剑桥高阶〔reversible〕Heart disease is reversible in some cases, according to a study published last summer.根据去年夏天公布的一项研究,心脏病在某些情况下是可以治愈的。柯林斯高阶〔rule〕According to the rules, no alcohol can be consumed on the premises.按照规定,场内不准饮酒。牛津搭配〔superstition〕According to superstition, breaking a mirror brings bad luck.按照迷信的说法,摔碎镜子会带来噩运。牛津高阶〔survey〕According to the survey, many young adults have experimented with drugs of some kind.根据此项调查,许多年轻人曾试吸过某种毒品。牛津搭配〔understanding〕According to my understanding of the letter, it means something quite different.根据我对这封信的理解,它的意思完全是另外一回事。朗文当代〔vary〕The leaf's size varies widely according to the area where it grows.叶片的大小按生长地区的不同存在着广泛的差异。牛津搭配According to insiders, the committee is having difficulty making up its mind.据知情人称,委员会很难作出决定。剑桥国际According to the British royal system, a laird ranks slightly above a gentleman but lower than a baron. 依英国皇室体制,地主的位阶比绅士高一些,但低于男爵。译典通According to the blurb, the film is “entertainment for all the family”.根据简介这部影片是“为整个家庭娱乐服务的”。剑桥国际According to the customer survey carried out in the past three months, 6% said employees were unhelpful and discourteous.根据过去3个月里所进行的顾客调查,6%的人说雇员非但不乐于助人且粗鲁无礼。剑桥国际According to the last news I heard, he will resign tomorrow. 据我听到的最新消息,他明天将辞职。译典通According to the liner notes, all the songs were recorded in her attic.根据唱片上的说明,所有的歌曲都是在她的阁楼里录制的。剑桥国际According to the paper's literary editor, the British novel is in dire straits.据这报纸的文学编辑说,英国的小说正处于可怕的困境中。剑桥国际Independent schools can exercise/use their prerogative to admit students according to academic ability or to the parents’ ability to pay.私立学校可以利用特权按照学生的成绩或家长的付费能力来招生。剑桥国际The machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic conduction.这台机器根据电磁传导原理运行。剑桥国际There have been complaints that he was elected improperly and not according to the constitution.有指控说他的当选是不正当的而且违反了宪法。剑桥国际




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