单词 baffle
释义 DEFINITIVE EXAMPLES 权威例句〔CONFUSED〕At times the old man seemed baffled by his surroundings. 有时,那个老人似乎对周围的环境感到茫然。朗文写作活用〔CONFUSED〕Detectives admit they are baffled about the killer's motive. 侦探们承认不理解凶手的动机。朗文写作活用〔CONFUSED〕The exact nature of black holes continues to baffle scientists. 黑洞的真正性质仍困扰着科学家。朗文写作活用〔CONFUSED〕The fact that none of the neighbors ever reported the abuse has baffled authorities. 没有一个邻居曾经报告过这宗虐待案,令当局困惑。朗文写作活用〔Franklin stove〕A cast-iron heating stove shaped like a fireplace but employing metal baffles to increase its heating efficiency.富兰克林壁炉式取暖炉:生铁取暖炉,形状象火炉,但用流板来增强加热效力美国传统〔SOLVE〕We've spent weeks investigating this case and it's got us completely baffled. 这个案子我们调查了好几个星期,把我们彻底难倒了。朗文写作活用〔SOLVE〕What baffles me is how anyone could escape from the jail in broad daylight. 令我百思不得其解的是,光天化日之下怎么可能会有人越狱出逃。朗文写作活用〔aha〕Aha! Here at last, the answer to the question that has baffled scholars through the centuries.啊哈!那个让学者们困惑了几个世纪的问题终于有了答案。外研社新世纪〔anomalous〕For years this anomalous behaviour has baffled scientists.几年来这种反常行为让科学家们很困惑。柯林斯高阶〔anomalous〕For years this anomalous behaviour has baffled scientists.数年来这种反常行为让科学家们很困惑。外研社新世纪〔baffle out of〕The swindler tried to baffle him out of his money, but in vain.骗子想骗取他的钱,可是没成功。21世纪英汉〔baffled〕His baffled expression betrayed his confusion.他茫然无措的表情将他心中的困惑表露无遗。外研社新世纪〔baffled〕I must admit, I'm completely baffled.我必须承认, 我完全被搞糊涂了。外研社新世纪〔baffled〕Officials say they're baffled about the cause of the gas explosion.官方称瓦斯爆炸的原因还没有搞清。牛津搭配〔baffled〕Police are baffled by the murder.警方对谋杀案感到困惑。外研社新世纪〔baffled〕Police are baffled by the murder.谋杀案把警方难住了。柯林斯高阶〔baffled〕Scientists are baffled by the find.科学家们难以理解这个发现。外研社新世纪〔baffled〕The doctors are completely baffled by her illness.医生们对她的病感到大惑不解。牛津搭配〔baffled〕The referee remains baffled as to why his decision caused so much anger.裁判员仍然不明白为什么他的判决引起了如此大的愤怒。牛津搭配〔baffle〕Detectives remain baffled by these murders.侦探们仍无法查清这些谋杀案。麦克米伦高阶〔baffle〕His behaviour baffles me.他的行为使我难以琢磨。牛津高阶〔baffle〕I was baffled by many of the scientific terms used in the article.我被文章里大量的科技术语弄晕了。韦氏高阶〔baffle〕I was completely baffled in my search for hidden treasure.我寻找隐藏的财宝的努力完全失败了。21世纪英汉〔baffle〕I'm baffled as to why she hasn't called.我不明白她为什么没打电话。牛津高阶〔baffle〕I'm baffled why she hasn't called.我不明白她为什么没打电话。牛津高阶〔baffle〕It baffled me that he rejected my offer.他拒绝我的建议使我迷惑不解。21世纪英汉〔baffle〕She was completely baffled by his strange behaviour.她完全被他怪异的举动搞糊涂了。剑桥高阶〔baffle〕That baffled them out of their design.那挫败了他们的阴谋。21世纪英汉〔baffle〕That question baffled me completely.那个问题使我完全摸不着头脑。英汉大词典〔baffle〕The boat baffled in the hurricane and finally sank.船在飓风中折腾,最后沉没了。英汉大词典〔baffle〕The motive for the break-in continues to baffle investigators.入室盗窃的动机仍然使调查人员迷惑不解。外研社新世纪〔baffle〕The police were baffled by the total lack of clues to the murder.那件谋杀案由于没有一点线索把警方难住了。英汉大词典〔baffle〕The problem baffled us.这个问题使我们困惑。牛津同义词〔baffle〕The question baffled me completely.这个问题把我彻底难倒了。朗文当代〔baffle〕The question has baffled experts for years.这个问题已经使专家们困惑多年。外研社新世纪〔baffle〕The scene baffled all description.那情景难以形容。英汉大词典〔baffle〕The thick walls baffle the street noises.厚墙把街上的各种噪音隔绝了。英汉大词典〔baffle〕The thick walls of the great hall baffled the square noises.大会堂的厚墙把广场上的噪音阻隔了。21世纪英汉〔baffle〕The thief baffled pursuit by locking us in.贼把我们反锁在屋里逃脱了。英汉大词典〔baffle〕The unexpected news baffled me.意料之外的消息使我困惑不解。21世纪英汉〔confess〕I confess it's got me baffled.我得承认这把我难住了。外研社新世纪〔confess〕I confess it's got me baffled.我承认这把我难倒了。柯林斯高阶〔cottage〕Why heterosexual men go cottaging or cruising baffles most people.大多数人对异性恋者像同性恋者一样在公共厕所聚集或四出猎艳感到迷惑不解。21世纪英汉〔diffuser〕A device, such as a cone or baffle, placed in front of a loudspeaker diaphragm to diffuse the sound waves.扬声器纸盒:一种装置,例如锥形体或反射板,放在扬声器膜前面,用来散射声波美国传统〔disappearance〕Her disappearance has baffled police.她的失踪让警方很困惑。柯林斯高阶〔disappearance〕Her disappearance has baffled police.她的失踪让警方感到困惑。外研社新世纪〔fox〕To baffle or confuse.使困惑或迷惑美国传统〔meteorology〕The storms have baffled meteorologists in the United States.风暴难倒了美国气象学家。朗文当代〔pose〕To puzzle, confuse, or baffle.使迷惑、使混乱或使疑惑美国传统〔puzzle〕Something that baffles or confuses.难题:令人困惑或迷惑的事情美国传统〔puzzle〕To baffle or confuse mentally by presenting or being a difficult problem or matter.使迷惑,使困恼:通过使面对难题或困难而在精神上阻碍或迷惑美国传统〔stump〕Informal To bring to a halt; baffle.【非正式用语】 使困惑,难倒美国传统〔virulence〕Medical authorities were baffled, both as to its causes and its virulence.医疗当局对其病因及有多致命都还不甚了解。柯林斯高阶〔wobble〕The coach began to wobble when some of his team selections provoked much baffled comment.当一些队员的入选招致许多不解的非议时, 教练开始动摇了。外研社新世纪〔wobble〕The coach began to wobble when some of his team selections provoked much baffled comment.当一些队员的入选招致许多不解的非议时,教练开始动摇了。柯林斯高阶He tried hard to baffle our plan. 他力图阻挠我们的计划。译典通Her strange note baffled me.她奇怪的留言使我困惑。剑桥国际I don't know what to make of it, and even the police seem baffled.我无法解释,甚至警方也感到困惑。剑桥国际She was completely baffled by his strange behaviour.他奇怪的举动使她十分困惑。剑桥国际The ship baffled against high winds and finally sank. 船在大风中挣扎,最后沉没。译典通The unexpected news baffled us. 这意想不到的消息把我们给难住了。译典通Their behavior baffled the watchers in the house. 他们的行为令屋里的看守人员大为困惑。译典通Their decision not to take part baffled everyone.他们作出不参加的决定令每个人迷惑不解。剑桥国际We were baffled by the incomprehensibility of the message.我们被这难懂的消息弄糊涂了。剑桥国际




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