单词 existing
释义 DEFINITIVE EXAMPLES 权威例句〔BUILD/BUILDING〕The stone arch is one of the town's oldest existing structures. 石拱门是该镇上现存的最古老的建筑之一。朗文写作活用〔CONDITION〕Most of the country's existing schools are in a sorry state of disrepair. 该国现存的大多数学校亟待修茸。朗文写作活用〔CONTINUE〕At first a newly independent country relies heavily on the maintenance of existing links with the former colonial power. 新独立的国家在最初阶段很大程度上仰仗与旧殖民势力维持既有的关系。朗文写作活用〔KNOW/NOT KNOW〕After assuming office, he was reluctant to use the existing speech writers because they were strangers to him. 上任后,他不愿意用原有的几个撰写演讲辞的人,因为对他来说他们都是陌生人。朗文写作活用〔LITTLE〕By the time the dentist had finished almost none of the existing tooth remained. 等到牙医做完手术,原来的牙几乎一颗都不剩了。朗文写作活用〔NOW〕Many people feel that the existing law discriminates against women. 许多人觉得现有的法律歧视女性。朗文写作活用〔NOW〕The existing building is too small, and there are plans to replace it within the next five years. 现在的这栋楼太小,计划五年之内重建。朗文写作活用〔SUGGEST〕The report recommends a number of changes in the existing law. 报告对现行法律提出了几项修改意见。朗文写作活用〔SUIT/LOOK GOOD TOGETHER〕Choose plants that will blend in with the existing garden scheme. 选购植物要和花园里本来的格局谐调。朗文写作活用〔TIME〕AIDS education can be tied in with existing health education programs. 艾滋病教育可以和现有的健康教育课程同时进行。朗文写作活用〔WITH/TOGETHER〕The new advertisement will be broadcast alongside AMV's two existing commercials during prime time viewing. 这则新广告将在黄金时段和AMV已有的两则商业广告一起播出。朗文写作活用〔actual〕Being, existing, or acting at the present moment; current.现行的,现在的:现在是的,存在着的或行动的;现时的美国传统〔adjoin〕I have attempted to adjoin some images to the existing file.我试图给现有文件加上一些图像。外研社新世纪〔ageless〕Existing forever; eternal.永存的;永恒的美国传统〔aim〕The new measures are aimed at tightening existing sanctions.新措施旨在加强现行的制裁。柯林斯高阶〔alarm〕A warning of existing or approaching danger.警报:对存在或即将到来的危险的警告美国传统〔alongside〕The new pill will be used alongside existing medicines.这种新药将配合现有药物一起服用。剑桥高阶〔annex〕To incorporate (territory) into an existing political unit such as a country, state, county, or city.合并,吞并:把(一个地区)并入一个政治单位,如国家,州,郡或城市美国传统〔atmospheric〕Of, relating to, or existing in the atmosphere.大气的:属于、关于或存在于大气中的美国传统〔back〕The company should be able to generate business on the back of existing contracts.依靠现有的这些合同,公司应该能开展业务。朗文当代〔being〕Something, such as an object, an idea, or a symbol, that exists, is thought to exist, or is represented as existing.存在:指存在、被认为存在或声称为存在的某物,如一件物体、一种概念或一种象征美国传统〔blind spot〕A part of an area that cannot be directly observed under existing circumstances.盲区:在存在情况下不能被直接观察到的地区美国传统〔bolt on〕Eco-technologies cannot simply be bolted on to existing cities.生态技术无法直接简单地引入现有城市。外研社新世纪〔broadcaster〕Existing commercial broadcasters claim the new stations are illegal.现有的商业广播公司声称新电台是不合法的。牛津搭配〔challenge〕Challenged over the methods used, the manager claimed they were permissible under existing legislation.在使用的方法受到质疑后, 经理声称这是现行法律允许的。外研社新世纪〔challenge〕They have failed to mount a serious challenge to the existing leadership.提出抗议麦克米伦高阶〔channel〕The new software will be sold through existing distribution channels .这种新软件将通过现有的经销渠道销售出去。朗文当代〔channel〕We can reach these markets through our existing distribution channels.我们可以通过现有的配送渠道打入这些市场。麦克米伦高阶〔clear〕Try to clear your existing debts first.尽量先把现有债务还清。麦克米伦高阶〔closing transaction〕An option order that will eliminate or decrease the size of an existing option position.封闭交易:会消除或降低存在的选择机会的选择制度美国传统〔coeval〕Originating or existing during the same period; lasting through the same era.同时代的:在相同的时期发生或存在的;经历相同时代的美国传统〔coincidental〕Happening or existing at the same time.同时发生的:发生在或存在于相同时间的美国传统〔common-law marriage〕A marriage existing by mutual agreement between a man and a woman, or by the fact of their cohabitation, without a civil or religious ceremony.习惯法婚姻:存在于男女之间相互同意或根据他们同居的事实的婚姻,没有民事或宗教典礼美国传统〔compatible〕The proposed new regulation is not compatible with our existing policy.新提议的规章和我们的现行政策相悖。麦克米伦高阶〔conflict〕The results of the new research would seem to conflict with existing theories.新的研究结果似乎和已有的理论相抵触。剑桥高阶〔connate〕Existing at birth or from the beginning; inborn or inherent.天生的:出生时或从开始就存在的;天生的或固有的美国传统〔conservatism〕The inclination, especially in politics, to maintain the existing or traditional order.保守倾向:(尤指政治上)维持现存的或传统秩序的倾向美国传统〔consistently〕New goals are not always consistent with the existing policies.新目标并不总是与现行政策一致。柯林斯高阶〔contemporary〕These adjectives mean existing or occurring at the same time.这些形容词表示存在或发生于同一时期的。美国传统〔content〕Most manufacturers content themselves with updating existing models.大多数生产商乐于更新现有的机型。外研社新世纪〔correspond〕This closely corresponds to the wording of the existing law.这和现有法律的措词非常接近。麦克米伦高阶〔deepen〕We must try not to deepen existing splits within the party.我们必须努力避免党内现有的各种分歧进一步扩大。剑桥高阶〔design〕Strict design standards ensure that new buildings are compatible with existing architecture.严格的设计标准确保新的建筑物可以和现有的建筑相协调。牛津搭配〔destructionist〕One who believes in or advocates destruction, especially of existing social institutions.破坏主义者:信奉或提倡毁灭(尤指现存的社会制度)的人美国传统〔disgust〕People are showing their disgust with the existing regime.人们表现出对现政权的厌恶。牛津搭配〔dishonour〕Union leaders accused management of dishonouring existing pay agreements.工会领导人指责资方违反了现有的工资协议。朗文当代〔double〕The new airport will double the capacity of the existing one.新机场将是现有机场容量的两倍。英汉大词典〔dovetail〕How well do these new ideas dovetail into the existing system? 这些新理念能同现存制度相容到什么程度?英汉大词典〔enforcement〕The doctors want stricter enforcement of existing laws, such as those banning sales of cigarettes to children.医生们希望加大现行法律的执行力度, 如禁止向儿童出售香烟。外研社新世纪〔enforcement〕The doctors want stricter enforcement of existing laws, such as those banning sales of cigarettes to children.医生们希望加大现行法律的执行力度,如禁止向孩童出售香烟。柯林斯高阶〔excimer〕A diatomic molecule existing in an energy level above the ground state.激态原子:以激发态存在的二聚体美国传统〔existing〕Existing timbers are replaced or renewed.现有的木料进行了替换或翻新。柯林斯高阶〔existing〕Food will not get cheaper under existing conditions.在目前的情况下,食物不会便宜下来。文馨英汉〔existing〕New laws will soon replace existing legislation.新法律即将取代现行法规。牛津高阶〔existing〕The existing laws covering libel in this country are thought by many to be inadequate.很多人认为,这个国家现行的有关诽谤罪的法律很不完善。剑桥高阶〔existing〕The existing system needs to be changed.现行的制度需要改变。麦克米伦高阶〔existing〕The service is available to all existing customers.现有的客户全都可以得到这项服务。朗文当代〔existing〕This facility is open to both new and existing borrowers.该设备对新老借用者都开放。外研社新世纪〔exist〕I was barely existing.我几乎活不下去了。外研社新世纪〔exist〕I was barely existing.我勉强维持生计。柯林斯高阶〔external〕Relating to, existing on, or connected with the outside or an outer part; exterior.外面的,外在的:与外面或外部有关的,出现在外面或外部的,与外面或外部有联系的;外部的美国传统〔extramundane〕Occurring or existing outside of the physical world or universe.超越现世的,物质世界以外的:存在于或出现在物质世界或宇宙外的美国传统〔facility〕We are looking to upgrade the existing facilities.我们正考虑改善现有的设施。牛津搭配〔fit into〕Any new buildings must be fitted into the existing appearance of the city.任何新建筑都必须与全城的市容协调一致。21世纪英汉〔fit in〕Does it fit in with your existing room scheme?它适合你现有的空间安排吗?外研社新世纪〔fit〕Some of the patients we see do not fit neatly into any of the existing categories.我们看的病人中有些不能完全归入现有的疾病类型。朗文当代〔fit〕These adjectives mean right or correct in view of existing circumstances. They are often interchangeable.考虑到存在环境时,这些形容词都意为“恰当的或正确的”且通常可以互换。美国传统〔folksong〕A song belonging to the folk music of a people or area, often existing in several versions or with regional variations.民歌:属于人民的或某地区的民间音乐歌曲,通常以几种形式存在或随区域变化美国传统〔framework〕We have to act within the existing legal framework.我们必须在现行的法律框架下行事。朗文当代〔free〕They planned to extend the car park, freeing existing parking spaces for visitors.他们计划扩建停车场,腾出现有的停车位给访客用。剑桥高阶〔graft〕The frozen samples will be grafted onto existing trees.这些冷冻的样品将被嫁接到现有的树上。麦克米伦高阶〔graft〕The management tried unsuccessfully to graft new working methods onto the existing ways of doing things.管理层试图将新的工作方法和现有的经营方式相结合,但是并未成功。剑桥高阶〔half blood〕The relationship existing between persons having only one parent in common.同父异母或同母异父的关系美国传统〔hand-to-mouth〕People have been left existing hand-to-mouth.人们落到了吃一顿算一顿的地步。外研社新世纪〔happily〕This suggestion did not fit very happily with our existing plans.这个建议与我们目前的计划不十分契合。牛津高阶〔hasten to add/say/explain (etc.)〕Let me hasten to point out that these changes will not affect our existing clients.请允许我赶紧说明一下,这些改变不会影响我们现有的客户。韦氏高阶〔horizon〕By embracing other cultures and genres, we actually broaden our horizons, rather than narrow any existing ones.通过接纳其他文化和体裁,我们实际上拓宽了领域,而不是让现有的范围变得狭窄。柯林斯高阶〔hydrated〕Chemically combined with water, especially existing in the form of a hydrate.含水的:经过化学变化与水结合的,尤指以水合物形式存在的美国传统〔ideal〕Existing only in the mind; imaginary.想象的:仅存在于脑海中的;想象的美国传统〔imitation〕They are mere imitations of existing products.那些不过是现有产品的仿制品而已。牛津搭配〔inadequate〕Existing laws are inadequate to deal with these problems.现行法律无法解决这些问题。麦克米伦高阶〔incentivize〕You need to incentivize your existing customers to stay with you.你得奖励并留住现有客户。牛津高阶〔inclusion〕The rebels refused to accept the inclusion of representatives of the existing regime in the negotiations.叛乱分子拒绝接受现政府代表参加谈判。牛津搭配〔increate〕Existing without having been created.非经创造的:不需创造本来就有的美国传统〔inefficient〕Existing methods of production are expensive and inefficient.现行的生产方法既费钱效率又低。剑桥高阶〔infinite〕Existing beyond or being greater than any arbitrarily large value.无穷大的:比任意大的数都要大的数美国传统〔inherent〕Existing as an essential constituent or characteristic; intrinsic.固有的:作为一种基本成份或典型特征而存在的;内在的美国传统〔innate〕These adjectives mean existing in a person or thing from birth or origin.以上这些形容表示某人或某物从其出生或出现时就具有的。美国传统〔integrate〕The new techniques had to integrate with existing conventional software.新技术必须与现有的传统软件兼容。麦克米伦高阶〔integrate〕This computer program can be integrated with existing programs.这一计算机程序可以与现有的程序整合在一起。牛津搭配〔interplanetary〕Existing or occurring between planets.行星际的:存在或发生于行星之间的美国传统〔interstate〕Involving, existing between, or connecting two or more states.州际的:包括、存在于,或连续两个或多个州的美国传统〔intertribal〕Existing or occurring between tribes.部落间的:存在于或发生于部落间的美国传统〔intrapersonal〕Existing or occurring within the individual self or mind.内心的:存在于或发生于个人或心灵深处的美国传统〔intussusception〕Biology Assimilation of new substances into the existing components of living tissue.【生物学】 摄取:新物质与活体组织已存成份的同化作用美国传统〔key up〕This affair keyed up the existing tension.这一事件使已存在的紧张局势更加恶化了。21世纪英汉〔lend〕He lent his support to the abolition of existing divorce laws.他支持废除现行的离婚法规。外研社新世纪〔liability〕There is enough money to cover existing liabilities.有足够的钱偿还现有欠债。牛津搭配〔little〕Little of the existing housing is of good enough quality.现有的住房几乎少有质量过关的。柯林斯高阶〔market〕The product is being marketed through the existing sales force.这种产品正通过现有的营销力量在市场上销售。牛津搭配〔measurement〕We take precise measurements of your existing windows and doors.我们对你家的门窗进行了精确的测量。外研社新世纪〔misplaced〕Lenders rely on the misplaced loyalty of existing borrowers to make their profit.放贷人指望现有借贷人的盲目忠诚来谋求利益。柯林斯高阶〔modification〕Considerable modification of the existing system is needed.需要对现有的系统进行相当大的改进。牛津高阶〔modify〕We can help you modify an existing home or build a new one.我们可以帮你修整旧家,或者帮你建造新房。韦氏高阶〔multitudinous〕Very numerous; existing in great numbers.包括许多个体的:无数的;大量存在的美国传统〔nihilism〕The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement.无政府主义:认为对现存政治或社会组织的破坏是有利于未来改进的一种信念美国传统〔nominal〕Existing in name only.名义上的:仅存在于名字的美国传统〔nonexistence〕The condition of not existing.不存在:不存在的状况美国传统〔obscenity〕Existing laws on obscenity are to be tightened.现行的关于淫秽内容的法律将会更加严厉。外研社新世纪〔obscenity〕Existing laws on obscenity are to be tightened.禁止色情的现行法律将变得更加严厉。英汉大词典〔off-screen〕Existing or occurring out of public view or knowledge; private.影星私人生活中的:在公众视线或了解之外发生的或存在的;私人的美国传统〔one-sided〕Existing or occurring on one side only.只出现或发生在一个方面的美国传统〔opposition〕Logic The relation existing between two propositions having an identical subject and predicate but differing in quantity, quality, or both.【逻辑学】 对向:逻辑学中出现的在两物体之间的关系,两物体同主题但质量不同美国传统〔optimize〕We need to optimize our use of the existing technology.我们需要充分利用现有技术。剑桥高阶〔paleontology〕The study of the forms of life existing in prehistoric or geologic times, as represented by the fossils of plants, animals, and other organisms.古生物学:对出现在史前或地质时代的生命的形成的研究,体现在植物、动物和其它有机体的化石上美国传统〔parallel〕The new degree and the existing certificate courses would run in parallel.新的学位课程和现有的证书课程将同时开设。牛津高阶〔pardon〕Pardon me for existing (或living, breathing).(听了对方的指责等后的讽刺语)请原谅,我活着让你受气了。英汉大词典〔plentiful〕Existing in great quantity or ample supply.丰富的,富裕的:大量存在或充足供应的美国传统〔plug (sth/sb) into sth〕This new product line should be able to plug into our existing distribution network.这条新生产线应该能与我们现有的销售网络相适应。剑桥高阶〔plumb〕I think we can plumb the new bath into the existing pipes.我想我们可以把新浴缸接到现有的水管上。剑桥高阶〔politics〕Consensus politics places a high value on existing political institutions.共识政治强调现存政治机构的重要性。牛津搭配〔polymerase〕Any of various enzymes that catalyze the formation of polynucleotides of DNA or RNA using an existing strand of DNA or RNA as a template.聚合酶:一种催化脱氧核糖核酸或核糖核酸的多聚核苷酸生成的酶,它利用一段既成的脱氧核糖核酸或核糖核酸作为核酸的模子美国传统〔popular〕Contrary to popular belief, the existing safety regulations were adequate.与普遍的观点相反麦克米伦高阶〔possible〕Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven facts, laws, or circumstances.可能发生的,可能存在的:能在与被证明的事实、法则或状况不发生矛盾的情况下发生、存在的或是真实的美国传统〔postdiluvian〕Existing or occurring after the Flood.大洪水后存在的或发生的美国传统〔preceding〕Existing or coming before another or others in time, place, rank, or sequence; previous.在前的,在先的:在时间、地方、等级或次序上比另一个或其他存在或出现都先的;先前的美国传统〔primary〕Geology Characteristic of or existing in a rock at the time of its formation.【地质学】 原生的:岩石成形时期的特点的或在该时期存在的美国传统〔pro tem〕A pro tem committee was form ed from existing members.由现有的委员组成了一个临时委员会。牛津高阶〔proportional〕Proportional increases in income preserve existing differentials between social groups.收入按比例增长维持了现有社会阶层之间的差别。麦克米伦高阶〔puff〕He puffed the new system by showing how badly his existing system performed by comparison.他通过比较当前的系统运行得如何糟糕, 来吹捧这种新系统。外研社新世纪〔puff〕He puffed the new system by showing how badly his existing system performed by comparison.他通过比较,展示了当前的系统运行得如何不好,以此来吹捧这种新的系统。柯林斯高阶〔raison d'être〕Reason or justification for existing.存在的理由:存在的原因或理由美国传统〔recommendation〕Many companies hire through word-of-mouth recommendations from existing employees.许多公司的招聘靠在职员工的口头推荐。牛津搭配〔rehash〕Most of the 'new' models promised by American car makers look set to be little more than rehashes of existing products.这些美国汽车制造商承诺推出的“新款”多半都像是现有车型的翻版。柯林斯高阶〔reinsure〕To insure again, especially by transferring in whole or in part a risk or contingent liability already covered under an existing contract.分保:再次保险,特别是在已存在的合同中已经受到保险的风险或意外责任全部或部分地转移出去美国传统〔rejuvenate〕They should concentrate on rejuvenating the existing vegetation, like grass and shrubs.他们应该侧重于修整现有的绿化植被,比如草和灌木。柯林斯高阶〔relegate〕Much of the existing text can safely be relegated to the footnotes.正文中现有的许多内容完全可以移下改作脚注。英汉大词典〔replace〕The new design will eventually replace all existing models.新的设计最终将会取代所有现有的型号。牛津高阶〔requirement〕The initial investment requirement is often waived for existing customers.对现有客户的初期投资往往不作要求。牛津搭配〔respect〕The president pledged to respect the existing frontiers between the two countries.总统承诺维持两国间疆界现状。剑桥高阶〔restatement〕He denied that it was simply a restatement of existing government policy.他否认那是对政府现行政策的简单重述。外研社新世纪〔retrofit〕Much of this business involves retrofitting existing planes.这项业务主要是改装更新现有的飞机。外研社新世纪〔retrofit〕Much of this business involves retrofitting existing planes.这项业务主要是改造更新现有的飞机。柯林斯高阶〔review〕The first chapter presents a critical review of the existing nursery education system.第一章是对现存幼儿教育体制的评述。牛津搭配〔saver〕Only children whose parents are existing savers may open an account.只有现有储户的孩子才可以开立账户。牛津搭配〔slender〕The charity has been existing on very slender resources.这个慈善团体一直靠非常微薄的经济来源维持。麦克米伦高阶〔snowcap〕Snow covering a mountain peak, especially such snow existing year-round.雪冠:在山峰顶端的冰雪覆盖物,特别是长年不化的冰雪美国传统〔sovereignty〕A territory existing as an independent state.主权国家:作为独立国家存在的区域美国传统〔spatiotemporal〕Of, relating to, or existing in both space and time.时空的:关于时间和空间的、与之有关的或存在于时间和空间的美国传统〔status quo〕The existing condition or state of affairs.现状:现存情况或事态美国传统〔strengthen〕The builders will have to strengthen the existing joists with additional timber.施工人员将不得不另外用木料加固现有的托梁。外研社新世纪〔strip out〕We'll need to strip out the existing floor and walls.我们需要把现在的地板和墙全拆掉。外研社新世纪〔subjective〕Existing only in the mind; illusory.臆想的,虚幻的美国传统〔subpoena〕The investigation will rely on existing powers to subpoena documents.该调查将凭借现有权力要求将各种相关文件呈堂。柯林斯高阶〔subsidization〕At the moment they are existing on pensions that are subsidised by the government.此刻他们正依靠政府发放的养老金维持生计。柯林斯高阶〔system〕We're looking to replace the existing system.我们希望能取代现有制度。牛津搭配〔take away〕A new store would take business away from existing stores in the area.新商店会抢走这一地区现有商店的生意。韦氏高阶〔tandem〕Malcolm's contract will run in tandem with his existing one.马尔科姆的合同将与他手头的合同同时生效。外研社新世纪〔tandem〕Malcolm's contract will run in tandem with his existing one.马尔科姆的合同将与他手头的合同同时生效。柯林斯高阶〔three-dimensional〕Of, relating to, having, or existing in three dimensions.三维的:属于、关于或包含三维或以三维的形式存在的美国传统〔toughen〕The government wants to toughen (up) the existing drug laws/controls.政府想要加强现有的有关毒品的法律/对毒品的控制措施。剑桥高阶〔trade〕It also encourages existing home owners to trade up to larger accommodation.这还可以鼓励现有的房主置换更大的住所。朗文当代〔uncreated〕Existing of itself; uncaused.非创造的:自存的;无前因的美国传统〔unfit〕Existing houses are becoming totally unfit for human habitation.现有的房子正变得完全不适合住人。柯林斯高阶〔unfit〕Existing houses are becoming totally unfit for human habitation.现有的房子正逐渐变得完全不适宜人类居住。外研社新世纪〔virgin〕Existing in native or raw form; not processed or refined.原始的:以自然的或原始的形式存在的;未进化或精炼的美国传统〔weighted〕The existing tax laws are heavily weighted in favour of the wealthy.现有的税收法律对有钱人很有利。麦克米伦高阶〔widen〕We plan to widen the scope of our existing activities by offering more language courses.我们计划通过开设更多的语言课程以扩大我们现有的活动范围。牛津高阶〔wiring〕The existing wiring will have to be replaced.现有的电线线路必须更换。牛津搭配Existing laws on store opening hours should be relaxed.关于商店营业时间的现行法律应予以放宽。牛津商务Existing shareholders subscribed to only 49% of the new share issue.现有股东只认购了49%的新股。剑桥国际All our products are in compliance with existing safety laws.我们所有的产品都符合现行的安全法例。牛津商务Any new video system that is incompatible with existing ones has little chance of success.任何不与原有系统相兼容的新视频系统是不会成功的。剑桥国际Calculations are based on a projection of existing trends.计算结果是根据对现行趋势的预测作出的。牛津商务He urged governments worldwide to break diplomatic ties with the existing regime.他敦促全世界各国政府断绝和现有政权的外交关系。剑桥国际In the busy holiday season, extra buses are provided to supplement the existing service.在繁忙的假日季节,增开汽车补充了现有服务。剑桥国际It's bad enough already (=in its existing state) --don't make it any worse.这已经够糟了----别把它弄得更糟。剑桥国际It's his book's explosion of existing theories (= its showing that they are wrong) that makes it so interesting.正是他书中推翻了现行理论这一点使之很有意思。剑桥国际Layering new technology on top of existing computer systems can cause problems.在现有的电脑系统上再堆砌新技术会造成问题。牛津商务Let's take the question of the future of the existing workforce as a jumping-off point (= a point from which to start) for our negotiations.让我们就现存劳动力的前景提问开始我们的谈判。剑桥国际New ideas are often formed by a process of derivation from existing ideas.新思想往往是通过既有思想衍生而来。剑桥国际The existing lagging is bulky and inefficient.现有的防护层又笨重,效率又低。剑桥国际The existing laws (= laws which exist at the present time) covering libel in this country are thought by many to be inadequate.许多人认为这个国家现行的关于诽谤罪的法律是有缺陷的。剑桥国际The company is existing on a financial knife-edge.这家公司正处于财政困境。剑桥国际The company is focusing on the modernization of its existing systems.这家公司正集中精力把现有系统现代化。牛津商务The government's tax plans included expanding the existing credit for small businesses.政府的税收计划包括扩大小型企业的现有税收减让。牛津商务The judicial system is dominated by a self-perpetuating 巐ite which appoints people who come from a background similar to that of existing members.法院系统由长期不变的精英人物所把持,他们任命那些与现任成员有相同背景的人。剑桥国际The new law does not allow any retail outlets in this zone but the grandfather clause exempts existing retail outlets.新法规定在这个地区不允许开零售店,但祖父条款规定现有零售店可不受限制。牛津商务The new pill will be used alongside existing medicines.这种新的药丸将与现有的药物一同服用。剑桥国际The new policy riled existing customers and didn't win many new ones.新的营销方法激怒了现有的顾客,却并没有赢得许多新顾客。剑桥国际The new zoning law grandfathered in existing buildings.现有建筑物免受新区划法限制。牛津商务The results of the new research would seem to conflict with existing theories.新的研究成果似乎和已有的理论相抵触。剑桥国际These programs can be integrated with your existing software.这些程序能和你现有的软件整合起来。牛津商务We are planning a major marketing push to promote our existing brands.我们正在策划一项大型营销推介活动以促进现有品牌的销售。牛津商务We are seeking to strengthen the existing links between industry and academia.我们正试图加强产业界与学术界之间的现有联系。剑桥国际We found it cheaper to modify existing equipment rather than buy new.我们发现改进现有设备比购买新设备要便宜些。牛津商务We have to find ways of making the existing system work better. 我们得找寻能使现行制度实施得更好的方法。译典通We offer the same rates of interest to new and existing borrowers.我们向新的和现有的借款人提供相同的利率。牛津商务When the existing laws fail to render a satisfactory judgment, equity applies. 当现存的法律不能作出令人满意的判决时衡平法就生效。译典通You can't rely on existing customers to come knocking when they need something.你不能指望现有的顾客需要东西的时候会主动上门。牛津商务




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