单词 a failure
释义 DEFINITIVE EXAMPLES 权威例句〔FAIL〕The government's expensive election campaign had been a failure. 该政府花费高昂的竞选宣传活动失败了。朗文写作活用〔FAIL〕The latest model seems likely to be a failure since cheaper versions are now available. 现在已有更廉价的款式出售,这批最新产品看样子很可能失败。朗文写作活用〔LOGICAL〕It makes no sense to invest more money in a project that is so obviously a failure. 投更多的钱在一个明显会失败的项目上是不明智的。朗文写作活用〔above〕This was clearly a failure by someone who thought he was above failure.这显然是认为自己根本不会失败的人所遭遇的一次失败。柯林斯高阶〔break all up〕A failure of memory broke the actor all up.演员因中途忘记而不知所措。21世纪英汉〔burnout〕A failure in a device attributable to burning, excessive heat, or friction.烧毁,烧坏:由于燃烧、超高热或摩擦引起的设备故障美国传统〔cop-out〕A failure to fulfill a commitment or responsibility or to face a difficulty squarely.逃避:不履行某一义务或承担某一责任或不能正视困难美国传统〔enough〕She sang well enough, but the show was a failure.她演唱得算好的了,但演出却是个失败美国传统〔eventuate in〕Our business eventuated in a failure.我们的生意结果失败了。21世纪英汉〔everyone〕Everyone feels like a failure at times.人们有时会觉得自己是个失败者。柯林斯高阶〔fail-safe〕Capable of compensating automatically and safely for a failure, as of a mechanism or power source.故障自动保险的:当机械装置或电源出现故障时,能自动和安全提供保障的美国传统〔failing〕The act of a person or thing that fails; a failure.失败:人或事物失败的行为;失败美国传统〔failure〕As a writer, he was a failure.他作为作家是失败的。英汉大词典〔failure〕He felt like a failure when he wasn't accepted into law school.由于没有被法学院录取,他觉得自己像是个失败者。韦氏高阶〔failure〕He was a failure as a teacher.他当教师并不成功。牛津高阶〔failure〕He's a failure.他是个失败者。外研社新世纪〔failure〕I always felt a bit of a failure at school.我上学时总觉得自己有点儿失败。朗文当代〔failure〕I feel such a failure.我觉得自己是个很失败的人。麦克米伦高阶〔failure〕I felt such a failure.我感到自己是个非常失败的人。外研社新世纪〔failure〕I just felt I had been a failure in my personal life.我就是觉得我的个人生活很失败。柯林斯高阶〔failure〕I'm a bit of a failure at making (= I cannot make) cakes.我做蛋糕做得比较失败。剑桥高阶〔failure〕The decision to withdraw funding represents a failure of imagination.撤资决定表明了幻想的破灭。牛津搭配〔failure〕The marriage was a failure and they both wanted to be free of it.他们的婚姻很失败,两人都想摆脱它。柯林斯高阶〔failure〕The marriage was a failure and they both wanted to be free of it.他们的婚姻很失败, 两个人都想从中解脱出来。外研社新世纪〔foolish〕I felt foolish and a failure.我自觉是个愚蠢的失败者。牛津高阶〔fortune〕It's my fortune to be a failure.我命中注定一事无成。英汉大词典〔go〕The story goes that the expedition was a failure.据说这次远征失败了。英汉大词典〔institutionalize〕She saw herself as a failure and had been institutionalized once for depression.她把自己看作一个失败者, 曾一度因抑郁而被送入精神病院。外研社新世纪〔judge〕The operation must be judged a failure.该手术肯定会被认定是一次失败的手术。外研社新世纪〔maybe〕OK, maybe I am a failure, but, in my opinion, no more than the rest of this country.好吧, 也许我是个失败者, 不过在我看来, 这个国家里的其他人也不比我成功到哪里去。外研社新世纪〔mission〕Max flew back to Rome, his mission a failure.马克斯飞回了罗马, 他的任务失败了。外研社新世纪〔miss〕A failure to hit, succeed, or find.未打中、未成功或未找到美国传统〔misunderstanding〕A failure to understand or interpret correctly.误解:不能正确理解或领会美国传统〔much〕He as much as admitted that he was a failure.他实际上已承认自己是个失败者。 英汉大词典〔negligence〕A negligent act or a failure to act.疏忽行为:疏忽的行为或行为所失败美国传统〔rate〕Based on recent polls, the policy should be rated a failure.最近的民意调查表明,应该认定这项政策是失败的。韦氏高阶〔see〕He saw himself as a failure.他觉得自己是一个失败者。朗文当代〔set〕He set the whole experience down as a failure.他把整个这次经历看成是一次失败。麦克米伦高阶〔shatter〕A failure would shatter the hopes of many people.一次失败会使很多人希望破灭。柯林斯高阶〔shortfall〕A failure to attain a specified amount or level; a shortage.缺少:没有达到一个特定的数量或水平;不足美国传统〔socially〕He is an able man, but socially he is a failure.他是个能干的人,但在社会上却吃不开。英汉大词典〔turkey〕A failure, especially a failed theatrical production or movie.失败之作:失败,尤指失败的戏剧作品或电影美国传统〔viewpoint〕From a purely commercial viewpoint, the movie was a failure.单纯从商业角度来看,这部电影是失败的。牛津搭配〔write off〕It's too soon to write off the whole consultation process as a failure.现在就认定整个磋商过程不成功而想要放弃还为时过早。柯林斯高阶Her attempt at poetry was a failure. 她尝试写诗失败了。译典通I'm a bit of a failure at making (= I cannot make) cakes.我蛋糕做不大好。剑桥国际It is unlikely the group will hold together (=stay as a group) after such a failure.在这样的失败之后,这一集团有可能要散伙了。剑桥国际The boy was tagged a failure. 这男孩被人叫作不及格生。译典通The new restaurant was a failure and soon closed. 那家新饭店经营无方,不久便关了门。译典通The prospect of imminent war caused plunging stock prices and a failure of remittance from overseas.对战争即将来临的预见使得 股票价格猛跌,也断绝了海外汇款。剑桥国际




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