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释义 DEFINITIVE EXAMPLES 权威例句〔INTERESTING〕The hotel has character and charm, and is ideal as a base for exploring the city. 这家旅馆很有特色和吸引力,是游览该城的理想立足点。朗文写作活用〔affix〕Linguistics A word element, such as a prefix or suffix, that can only occur attached to a base, stem, or root.【语言学】 词缀:词素,如前缀或后缀,其只能通过附加于词基、词干或词根而出现美国传统〔alloy〕The relative degree of mixture with a base metal; fineness.成色,纯度:和基本金属的相对混合程度;纯度美国传统〔bag〕Baseball A base.【棒球】 垒包美国传统〔baritone〕A male singer or voice with a range higher than a bass and lower than a tenor.男中音:高于低音音域且低于高音音域的男音或男歌手美国传统〔base camp〕The climbers established a camp at the base of the mountain. = The climbers established a base camp.攀登者们在山脚扎了一个营地。韦氏高阶〔base line〕Baseball An area within which a base runner must stay when running between bases.【棒球】 垒线:棒球场垒间跑道,棒球比赛中限制跑垒员的垒间跑区美国传统〔base path〕The area within which a base runner must stay when running between bases.跑垒道:从一垒跑向下一垒的时,跑垒员不能越界的范围美国传统〔base〕A bass singer or voice.低音歌唱家或低音美国传统〔base〕Drain off any excess marinade and use it as a base for a pouring sauce.先滗出多余的卤汁,把它当作浇汁的主料。柯林斯高阶〔base〕Drain off any excess marinade and use it as a base for a pouring sauce.滗出多余的腌渍调料, 将其用作浇汁的主要成分。外研社新世纪〔base〕Epoxy coatings are used as a base for varnishing.环氧涂层用作清漆的底漆。外研社新世纪〔base〕He used the house as a base for his printing business.他把这所房子作为他印刷生意的总部。朗文当代〔base〕Oils may be mixed with a base oil and massaged into the skin.将油和基础油混合,按摩直至皮肤吸收。柯林斯高阶〔base〕Oils may be mixed with a base oil and massaged into the skin.可将油与基底油混合, 通过按摩让皮肤吸收。外研社新世纪〔base〕Put some moisturizer on as a base before applying your make-up.化妆前先搽些润肤霜打底。牛津高阶〔base〕The Red Cross established a base to distribute supplies to flood victims in the area.红十字会设立了总部,以便把供应品分发给这个地区遭受水灾的灾民。英汉大词典〔base〕The right to work is a base right.工作的权利是一种基本权利。英汉大词典〔base〕The team has a base of strong players.这支球队有一批有实力的球员。麦克米伦高阶〔bass horn〕A large, valved, brass wind instrument with a bass pitch; a tuba or a sousaphone.大号,苏萨号:带活塞的低音大铜管乐器;大号,苏萨号美国传统〔basso〕A bass singer, especially an operatic bass.低音歌手:低音歌手,尤指演唱歌剧的低音部分美国传统〔bass〕They had a bass and a piano and a sax and percussion.他们有一把低音吉他、一架钢琴、一管萨克斯和打击乐器。柯林斯高阶〔blanc fixe〕Powdered barium sulfate used as a base for watercolor pigments and as a filler in paper.硫酸钡粉:硫酸钡粉,用于水彩色素主要原料和纸张填充物美国传统〔bombardon〕A brass instrument resembling a tuba but with a lower pitch; a bass or contrabass tuba.低音大号:一种与大号相似却音调较低的铜管乐器;低音或最低音大号美国传统〔cement〕Each piece of tile is chipped, filed and cemented to a surface on which a base drawing is made.每片瓷砖都经过切削锉平后粘在画有底图的表面上。外研社新世纪〔column〕Architecture A supporting pillar consisting of a base, a cylindrical shaft, and a capital.【建筑学】 支柱:含基座、柱头和柱身,起支撑作用的柱子美国传统〔cur〕A base or cowardly person.卑鄙小人,胆小鬼美国传统〔exploration〕You can then use this hut as a base for explorations into the mountains around.你到时可以把这个小屋用作勘探周围群山的基地。朗文当代〔fadeaway〕An act of sliding by a base runner during which the runner veers sideways to avoid being tagged.侧身滑垒:棒球跑垒员为避免被触的侧身滑垒美国传统〔floor lamp〕A tall lamp with a base that stands on the floor.落地灯:竖立在地板上有基座的高灯美国传统〔foul〕He stole a base on a foul in the 2nd inning.他在第二局的一次犯规中成功盗垒。外研社新世纪〔gesso〕A preparation of plaster of Paris and glue used as a base for low relief or as a surface for painting.熟石膏粉:供绘画或作浅层浮雕表面用的混有胶水的熟石膏制剂美国传统〔home base〕A base of operations; a headquarters.工作基地;大本营,总部美国传统〔layer〕He paints a base coat, allows it to dry, and then adds layers of paint.他刷上一层底漆,晾干,然后又在上面刷了几层漆。牛津搭配〔lead〕Baseball A position taken by a base runner away from one base in the direction of the next.【棒球】 先行离垒:跑垒者从所在垒向下一垒方向跑动所达到的位置美国传统〔lead〕Baseball To advance a few paces away from one's base toward the next while the pitcher is in the delivery. Used of a base runner.【棒球】 离垒:投球手在掷球过程中,跑垒者从自己所处的垒向下一垒稍前进几步。用于指棒球跑垒者美国传统〔neutralization〕Chemistry A reaction between an acid and a base that yields a salt and water.【化学】 中和:生成盐和水的酸碱之间的反应美国传统〔peg〕Baseball A low and fast throw made to put a base runner out.【棒球】 钉子球:棒球比赛中为把跑垒员杀出局而掷出的低而快的球美国传统〔polyprotic〕Of or relating to a base that can accept more than one proton.多质子碱的:属于或关于一种能接受一个以上质子碱的美国传统〔polyprotic〕Of or relating to an acid that can donate more than one proton to a base.多质子酸的:属于或关于一种可向碱提供一个以上质子酸的美国传统〔prismoid〕A prismatoid having polygons with the same number of sides as bases, and faces that are parallelograms or trapezoids.平截头棱椎体:以边数相同的平面多边形为底面的,各侧面为平行四边形或不规则四边形的拟柱体美国传统〔sacrifice hit〕A bunt that allows a runner to advance a base while the batter is retired.牺牲打:能使跑垒者前进一垒而使打击者退场的一种打法美国传统〔sand painting〕A ceremonial design of the Navajo and Pueblo peoples made by trickling fine colored sand, pollen, or powder onto a base of neutral sand.沙绘图案:那瓦合和普韦布洛人的一种礼仪图案,用颜色鲜艳的沙石、花粉或粉状矿物质在沙质平地上做成美国传统〔staddle〕A base or support, especially a platform on which hay or straw is stacked.干草堆底部,干草垫架:干草或稻草堆于其上的基底或支撑物,尤指一个平台美国传统〔tetracid〕Capable of reacting with four molecules of a monobasic acid. Used of a base.四酸的:能使四个一价酸分子反应的,用于碱美国传统〔triacid〕Capable of reacting with three molecules of a monobasic acid. Used of a base.三价的:能与一个分子的一价酸反应的。用于碱美国传统〔tribasic〕Containing three univalent basic atoms or radicals per molecule. Used of a base or salt.三碱式的:每个分子中含有三个一价碱性原子或原子团的。用于碱类或盐类美国传统〔tuba〕A large, valved, brass wind instrument with a bass pitch.大号:大型带活塞的低音铜管乐器美国传统〔underlay〕To provide with a base or support.垫起:提供基础或支持美国传统〔wild pitch〕An erratic pitch that the catcher cannot be expected to catch and that enables a base runner to advance.暴投:接手无法接住的偏投,使跑垒员可以前进美国传统




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